Ian Fraser Glenday

Ian started his lean journey as a micro-biologist running a fermentation plant producing enzymes, where he first began developing lean concepts and principles for application in process industries. After time out to gain an MBA from Bradford Business School he joined Reckitt & Colman where he led an MRPII project to class “A” status in their pharmaceutical division. He then moved to the house-hold and toiletries division where he was responsible for initiating and implementing a pan-European supply chain strategy based on the lean concept of “every product every interval”.

Ian works as an independent Lean coach and sensei helping businesses around the world through his company Repetitive Flexible Supply Ltd. His approach to applying lean in many types of industries is refreshingly different, instructive and always entertaining. Ian has written two books on Lean: “Breaking through to flow” and “Lean/RFS: putting the pieces together”. Both books received the prestigious Shingo Publication Award.

In your organisation:
– Are weekly plans ever changed after being issued?
– Is the prime focus of LEAN eliminating waste?
– Would “fire-fighting” be a term to describe the ways things are sometimes done?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions then you should come to this presentation. If you answer “yes” to all three questions you really should come to this presentation.

Ian will speak about “Lean as tool to solve the fire fighting in your organization”