Above all we are lean thinkers

Lean Institute Bulgaria is a non-governmental organization, established in 2014 with the purpose of supporting the business in Bulgaria to successfully embark on a continuous improvement journey. We have organized more than 20 lean events in Sofia and Plovdiv. We engaged over 600 people to actively follow our activities through social media and regular newsletter. Lean Institute Bulgaria creates partnerships with companies from different sectors. The partnerships consist of basic and advanced lean training, learning through improvement projects, coaching employee groups and leadership teams, applying new ways of thinking and acting. Applying lean thinking aims to develop their human resource, transform knowledge and actions into real results.


Lean Institute Bulgaria is part of the Lean Global Network™ (LGN) established by the people who first explained to the world what lean is all about – James Womach and Daniel Jones. Our LGN membership added value: educational articles and videos, online education, books, partnership, consultations.

What is Lean?

Lean is about creating the most value for the customer while minimizing resources, time, energy and effort. A lean approach to work is about:

  • understanding what’s really going on at the place where value is created – commonly known as the gemba.
  • improving the processes by which products and services are created and delivered.
  • developing and empowering people through problem solving and coaching.
  • developing leaders and an effective management system.